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Managing Broker Platinum Package

All Inclusive Package with Extra Bonus Material!

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Package Description

For those taking the managing broker real estate exam, we have all the new courses that you need! We have been providing pre-license courses to real estate professionals for over 35 years and are committed to helping you reach your goal of becoming a Real Estate Managing Broker. Our 90-hour package includes the required 30-hour Broker Management, 30-hour Business Management, and 30-hour Advanced Law courses.

We provide professional learning tools for the managing broker students, preparing to advance their career. Our course contains the essentials of real estate principles, law, and practices taught in real estate schools and colleges across the country, including all those fundamentals that real estate educators, practicing professionals, national testing services, and state licensing officials agree are necessary for basic competence. Once up and running we are not going to leave you behind. Students get a live conference call covering exactly how to pass the exam, following your coursework. Our company slogan is Education Made Easy. That is exactly what you will get.

Education with all the bells and whistles:
As preparation for the Managing Broker exam, we've got you covered:
1. Content-specific videos. Short and to-the-point explanations of key concepts.
2.Washington Real Estate License Exam Prep to pass the PSI Exam. Practice questions to prepare for the exam.
3. Live Instructor cram preparation. Don't miss it! This is a huge advantage to you, ensuring your success in passing the exam the first time. Our instructor will walk you through all the material and save you time by telling you exactly what to study. Passing the exam then becomes easy.
We provide you with the extra material you need. Your success is our success.

Included Courses

Real Estate Business Management (30 hrs), Advanced Real Estate Law (30 hrs) and Real Estate Brokerage Management (30 hrs)

Study Material:

  • Washington Real Estate License Exam Prep
  • State Law Cram
  • Questions to Master Each Topic
  • Managing Broker Cram Videos
  • Broker Cram Videos
  • State Review
  • Math Videos

Course Preview

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