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Property Manager Fair Housing Guide

Course Description

Managing rental properties without following the laws can be an expensive endeavor. If you are involved in any rental, as a tenant, manager, or licensee you need to know how to follow the guidelines established by our states Revised Codes of Washington (RCW's).

The RCW's are the laws which govern real estate in Washington but there are also federal laws which dictate how to handle fair housing situations. The federal government provides a base set of fair housing laws that everyone must follow, which is covered in this course. In addition to the federal laws, states are allowed to codify additional protected classes (people protected under fair housing law). This course will cover the federal and state fair housing laws to provide a comprehensive fair housing background.

This course should open your eyes to the many problems that licensees should avoid in any rental situation. All property management companies should require their licensees to take this course.

Course Preview

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