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Complete First Renewal includes your choice of electives (3 Hr Fair Housing requirement)

All your requirements in one package!

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Package Description

If you've had a brokers license for less than 2 years, this is the package for you. It includes all the requirements for brokers renewing for the first time, provided you started your pre-license education after June 1, 2023. It includes a total of 90 hours, all required courses and elective credits of your choice. The included required courses are a 3-hour Core class, 3 3-hour Fair Housing class, and Advanced Practices and Real Estate Law. For your elective hours, we let you choose the topics that interest you. Everything is state-certified, and certificates are available immediately upon completion.

The first renewal package offers tremendous savings and you can choose from over 10 different topics for your elective credits. Finance, Contracts, and Property Management are just a few of the topics to choose from.

The Washington State required Core class is included and covers vital topics for real estate professionals. The course features information about recent legal changes and legislative issues being considered. It does a great job of getting you up to date on the things that are important to our state. We have included a number of videos in the Core class to highlight key topics and provide a variety in the presentation. We know you have to take it, but we want to make sure you also take away important information and are engaged along the way.

Included Courses

Washington Real Estate Fair Housing (3 Hr) (3 hrs), Washington Real Estate Law (30 hrs), (CORE) Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate 2024-2025 (3 hrs) and Advanced Real Estate Practices (30 hrs) and your choice of:

  • Real Estate Principles: A Condensed Journey (21 hrs)
  • Common Mistakes (4 hrs)
  • The Real Estate Finance Roadmap: Navigating Loans, Markets, and More (6 hrs)
  • Property Manager Fair Housing Guide (5 hrs)
  • Understanding the Mortgage Market (4 hrs)
  • Risk Management in Real Estate: Safeguarding Your Business (4 hrs)
  • Listings and Valuation (7 hrs)
  • Appraisal and Valuation (6 hrs)

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