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Continuing Education in Washington

Education Requirements

The requirement for continuing education in Washington state is 30 clock hours. The 30 clock hours is broken up into 27 hours of elective hours (you choose the topics) of state approved education and the remaining 3 hours of education is a required course called Current Issues in Washington Real Estate, commonly referred to as CORE. While only 27 elective hours is required, most students choose to take a 30 hour elective course along with CORE. To summarize, all brokers must complete:

  • 3 hours of CORE
  • 27 elective hours

Continuing Education in Washington State

Do I need to complete the required 30 hours of Continuing Education if I just completed 90 hours to qualify for the managing broker's exam?

Yes. The education requirement for qualification to become a managing broker is separate from the state mandate to complete 30 hours every two years.

What happens if I miss my deadline to renew my real estate license?

It depends. There are two groups in this scenario and it’s dependant on how late you are in renewing. If you are under one year late, you simply need to complete your education and pay your license fee along with a small fine. There is not additional requirements in this case. If, however, you are more than one year late in renewing your license, you will have lost your license and will need to complete the required education, retake the state exam to become a broker again, as well as pay the initial licensing fees.

Our best advice is to keep your license up to date! It’s much cheaper in terms of money and time to renew your license on time. Also, you avoid potential legal problems.

Best Option to Complete your Required Education

At Realestateschool.org all of our continuing education courses are approved and eligible for credit with the state of Washington. The most popular option for students is our packages which include all of the education required, CORE and all the elective hours in one. Certificates are issued as soon as you finish the course and required hours. Here's the package that is most popular: Complete Renewal with Core

Continuing Education
What brokerage services can I provide if I’m late renewing my license?

None. You cannot perform any brokerage services, including but not limited to buyer agency, seller agency, talking to clients, or even showing houses. It’s crucial that you do not do any real estate activities while not renewed with the state since it would be considered operating as a broker without a license. If you are late, refer all calls to another broker or managing broker, and wait until you have submitted to the state for renewal.

When am I considered to have my license renewed?

A broker is considered to have renewed their license when they submit all required information and fees online or postmarked the documentation and fees to the DOL. You don’t need to wait to hear from the Washington Department of Licensing to know your license has been renewed, provided you met all requirements and paid all of your license fees.

Do I need to send my certificates to the state for verification I completed my education?

No. However, you must retain the records. The state will perform random audits of brokers to verify they have retained the records and completed the required education.

Does Realestateschool.org retain my records to meet the state requirements?

Yes. We retain all of your records which can be accessed to provide any needed verification to the Washington Department of Licensing. You can log into your account and print your certificates at any time. It is still recommended and required by the state that you personally retain records of your course completion.

Can I expense my real estate education for tax purposes?

Generally, yes. As always we recommend you consult with a tax professional regarding your personal situation.

Can I use extra clock hours for my next renewal?

Some hours, yes. The Washington DOL allows brokers to use 15 clock hours that were not used from the previous 2 year renewal. The hours must have been completed within 48 months (4 years) of the renewal they are being used for. Importantly, clock hours cannot be broken up, so, if a student takes a 30 hour class, they cannot use 15 hours for the current renewal and 15 for the next.

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